Donohoe & Grimes Project


Mike’s Guitar’s:

For the stage, Mike uses:

A Takamine EAN15c cedar/rosewood dreadnought cutaway with Takamine's Palathetic pickup system and CT4B onboard preamp, a Takamine GN93CE spruce/rosewood Grand Auditorium cutaway with a TK-40 preamp, a RainSong DR1000 graphite dreadnought with an LR Baggs Element onboard pickup system, a Yamaha FG345 spruce/rosewood folk jumbo with a Fishman Matrix II pickup and a RainSong JM3000 graphite 12 string jumbo. 

All are strung with Elixir Nanoweb medium (.013-.056) 80/20 strings and tuned a half step down to Eb except for the Yamaha with is tuned to DAEAEE.

Other Gear:  Mike uses D' Andrea medium .71 rounded triangle picks, Planet Waves NS & G7th capos,  Kordex instrument cables and Hohner "marine band" and "special 20" harmonicas.  Guitars are run through a Fishman Analog Pro EQ Platinum Preamp/DI to the board.

Jeff's Basses:

Jeff's main stage bass is a Washburn AG20 acoustic bass.  He also uses a Takamine acoustic bass, a Breedlove acoustic bass, an Ibanez Axestar headless bass and an Ibanex Roadstar fretless bass.  

Other gear: A vintage Digitech DSP-256 signal processor into a Hartke VX3500 350 watt bass amp w/ (4) 10" speakers, multiple keys of Irish tin whistles, a didgeridoo, 3 chickens and a snow tire.


Vaughn's Guitars:


Any given performance may or may not include: One or more Fender Stratocasters, PRS SE 245, Custom 24, or Custom 22 models, and a Line 6 Variax 700 running as a Roland GR-55 guitar synth


Other gear:  Fractal Audio Axe-fx amplifier and effects modeling system (Look Ma…no amp!), Line 6 wireless system, homemade stainless steel and Jim Dunlop Tortex picks, and Ernie Ball strings. And a tall glass of iced tea.


Vaughn endorses Monster lathe tools and keeps his strings squeeky clean with Walgreens isopropyl alcohol.

PA System:

Behringer XR-18 digital mixer, (2) QSC K12 - 1000 watt powered speakers (mains), (3) QSC K10 -1000 watt powered speakers (monitors) , Electro-Voice N/D767a vocal mics.