Donohoe & Grimes Project


The full band with Vaughn McMillan playing lead.  This will give you an idea of what the energy level and volume of the project is like as a 4 piece with an electric twist if that is more appropriate for your venue/event. These were both recorded completely live with just a camera set up in front of the band (no feed form the board) and a cell phone.

 Full Band Promo Video:

Comfortably Numb (Solo)


As a trio @ Dragonhorn Tavern (12-21-12)

Space Oddity / Ziggy Stardust Medley


A couple of versions of Tin Man with Will playing one (pay no attention to the "jazz chord" Mike hits at about 1:32) and Donnie in costume from the Dragonhorn Halloween party.  You choose!

Tin Man 1

Tin man 2


Here are a few videos as a trio from our sessions with our  percussionist, Will Veitch @ Jinja Bar & Bistro (5/12)

Strawberry Fields

Seven Bridges Road

Mrs .Robinson



A very clever amalgamation of several different performances of "Rocket man" as a trio, courtesy of Donnie!

Rocket Man


And one from the Hard Rock...

Heart of Gold (Hard Rock Casino)


Donohoe & Grimes as a duo, Unplugged (except for Jeff's bass) practice sessions in Jeff's living room.  Just one mic with no effects or EQ. 

Traditional Irish Folk Song (We Have No Heads!)

Thick As A Brick/Aqualung Medley

Comfortably Numb

Here Comes The Sun

Mother Goose

Space Oddity

Dust in the Wind


With bluegrass banjo phenom, Jaimee Perea (yee hah!)

Cripple Creek


As a duo, live at the Lazy Lizard Grill in Cedar Crest, April 2009

Traditional Irish Folk Song


Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Burn Down the Trailer Park

Don't Dream It's Over

Ruby Tuesday

Pirate Looks At Forty